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Why You Need Packing Cubes For Your Next Trip

On our last trip to Portugal these were a lifesaver!! ❤️ Click HERE to buy them from Amazon!

We travelled around Portugal in a campervan with our 2 year old… so that meant we had a LOT of stuff in a very small space! That meant that organisation was key and anything that could save us space was definitely a must have!

These packing cubes firstly came in so handy to fit everything in our suitcase for the flight over as they compressed all our clothes right down and created so much more space which was a great bonus with all of Zachs spare clothes for potty training!!

Then when we were in the campervan we loved how easy it was to find the clothes we needed! It would have been such a nightmare to shove all our clothes in the tiny cupboards and try and keep them neat as we took what we needed out. So having the individual packing cubes that we could remove from the cupboard easily was such a lifesaver!

Separating our clothes into different cubes was so handy as it meant we could just pull out the exact one we needed (socks, tops, skirts etc) without messing up the rest of the clothes. And having two different colours meant we knew what was for us and what was for our son Zach.

We would never go on another trip without them, they have honestly made travelling so much easier!!

Click HERE to buy them from Amazon!

Have you used packing cubes for an adventure yet?






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