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Top 10 Most Instagrammable & Best Places To Visit In Cornwall (England)

Cornwall has often been dubbed the British Mediterranean... and for good reason! To see photos of Cornwalls beaches and rugged landscapes on Instagram, it would be easy to believe you are looking at a tropical paradise. We usually look for places abroad to give us the exotic vacations we crave, but with the year 2020 came Coronavirus alongside it, the lockdowns! For those of us who love travel, it was a hard blow realising that safe travel and adventures in foreign countries would not be a possibility for a long while. However, after some research, we realised (like so many other Instagrammers who have now admitted) that there were so many places in our own home country we had not yet explored. The excitement took over us and we immediately started planning our next trip to Cornwall! These were our absolute favourite places to visit as well as the places that gave us the MOST beautiful Instagram photos (stick around until the end as we've saved the best till last!):

1. The Eden Project

It wouldn't be a Cornwall list without the Eden Project! As with most places during COVID19 we had to pre-book our tickets, and as lovely and gorgeous as it was, it was an awful lot of money to pay when a lot of it was unfortunately closed due to regulations :( This is why this is at the bottom of our list, but we would definitely recommend visiting when the virus has skipped town and you will get much more bang for your buck! However we did really enjoy the biomes there (even with wearing a mask!) and was so great to be able to learn about these different areas of the world and how to protect the nature and environment there with little things we can do at home such as buying products without palm oil and using less plastic! There was also a really great zipline there that we did backwards! For Instagram photos, there was still so much there that we really enjoyed photographing! They had the most beautiful rope bridge, Greek statues and even a waterfall! We had the luxury of it being VERY quiet when we went as it was first thing in the morning and reduced numbers during COVID19 but bare in mind we did think it would be hard to get nice photos when it is normally peak season due to how busy it will be!

2. Padstow Town

Padstow's main attraction is its beautiful harbour and the quaint seaside town that wraps around it! When we were feeling a nice relaxed afternoon one day we decided to head into Padstow town and we were so glad we did! Sitting watching the boats come in and out the harbour whilst we ate our vegan pasty and ice-cream, was one of our most relaxing experiences of our whole trip! If you crave the feeling of a proper British seaside town then this is definitely the place to go. For Instagram we found this best for fun Stories and Reels showing the food you're eating from the many options and all of your adventures in the whole selection of cute family run shops. There is also a coastal walk where we found a mysterious abandoned war shelter there too which is perfect for photos! You can also get some cute videos of you wandering along the harbour but you have to be creative! As with all British seaside towns, this place gets VERY busy!

3. Lizards Point

Lizards point is not for the faint hearted! We hiked miles to get to this point and Zoe was SO glad she wore shorts underneath her dress as the wind was aggressive! We would definitely recommend visiting here on a warmer sunnier day to get the most out of the experience. The outside of the lighthouse was beautiful (unfortunately the inside tour was closed due to COVID19) and still contained many of the historic traditional features from when it was built! The gorgeous British style lamppost showing the distance to all the other Lighthouses and the old style fog horn were really lovely and great to learn about the history of this Lighthouse! We even got to visit the old abandoned Lifeguard buildings and learn all about the journey through time of the Royal Life Saving Society (fun fact - Zoe & Alex met each other both working as lifeguards!) Instagramming was tricky here just due to the intense winds! Hair everywhere and dresses flying up are not the easiest thing to try and capture haha! But there was some gorgeous sights and viewpoints to photograph, we even did a whole Story sequence after a long hike where we got a gorgeous view of a mama and baby seal on the coast! 4. The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

We have visited here a few times now and we keep coming back for more!

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan just have the most BEAUTIFUL landscapes and gives you such a chance to connect to the nature around you. If you love Mother Earth you could spend ALL day here. When we first visited here Zoe was actually in a wheelchair due to her Achilles Tendonitis but this most recent time Zoe was able to fly over the obstacle course! We love that this place is accessible for all and can be enjoyed by any age, gender etc! If you shoot for Instagram, you will be here all day! There are so many props, landscapes and secret places that you can use! Our favourites were the old cart that we found abandoned by their farm section and the rope bridge going through their tropical sections! 5. Tintagel Castle