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How to save money to spend more time with your family

We save over £6000 a year for trips/holidays! How can you do this too?

Time is the most important thing we can give to our kids. But let’s be realistic here, for most of us, time costs money! You want time off work to spend with your children, sure, but what will pay the bills?

Instead of trying to earn more money, focus on trying to SAVE the money you already earn! There are so many ways that we can keep the pennies that trickle out of our bank account on pointless purchases and they soon add up!

It may seem like a harmless £5 a month subscription to an app, but over the year that’s £60! Team that with a couple other small unneeded purchases and you’ve got yourself a small fortune!

Our little ones value our times more than anything materialistic we can buy them. Not that we’re against buying our Zach toys, it’s just an extra if we have the spare money. And we always try to buy high quality, open ended toys that will last for years to come rather than cheap plastic flashy toys which require no brain power to play with as kids get bored real quick!

In 2023 we have started up a “fun bank account” for our family. Every time we consciously decide not to spend on unnecessary things, we transfer that money into the account which we then can spend on creating memories. It’s really crazy how it adds up!

For example say per week your family buy:

2 coffees with panini’s £20

1 Chinese/Indian £40

4 pints/cocktails £20

Amazon tat £30

Cheap quick toys £5

Meals deals instead of pack lunches £14

That’s a total of £516 a month!!!

Plus that’s just skimming the surface, but let’s say just off that, you can put a side £500 a month for memorable family moments. In a couple months you have the money for a trip away and activities or even just to take a little while off work and spend time at home with your little one bonding and having fun. The smallest changes, for example we brought these reusable coffee cups and started making our own coffees instead of buying takeaway ones, can make such a difference over time and save you so much money... meaning more quality time together!

How much more value is this for you & your family? I don’t think we can put a figure on that.

Hopefully this post will help you create a little more financial freedom so you can create more experiences as a family with an extra £6000 a year to play with 💷✈️👨‍👩‍👦

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1 Comment

Jul 24, 2023

Great tips! Will be using these for our family.

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