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Does homeschooling have to be at home? How everyday learning can be an adventure with your children!

I bet you’re wondering how a day like this can be classed as ‘schooling’… so let’s talk about all the things our toddler learnt whilst out today:

- Counting and addition, finding the 15 knitted Rabbits that were hidden around the mansion

- History, we read about and discussed the time period of the house, who the residents were and even tried on some period clothing.

- Social Skills, playing with children of all ages on the park, and talking to adult volunteers in the house, we also had some great discussions about using Kind Hands and Kind Words with our friends!

- Reading, we read a children’s book about Jesus telling the Parable of The Sower, whilst eating our lunch.

- Practical Life Skills, ordering his own food at the cafe, paying the cashier for his new book at the second hand book shop

- Danger Management, playing on the nature park learning to balance on logs & climb trees

- Knowledge of Nature, Identifying plants & flowers, which ones are dangerous to touch, we watched and discussed a bee pollinating flowers, learnt about Spring and seasons discussing the sheep with their lambs and the birds nests in the trees.

On top of all this our boy got to spend time having fun with his family, being outdoors in the sunshine with his bare feet on the grass, with no rushing or over strict schedules.

There is a huge misconception that choosing to Homeschool your child means they must be at home all the time, that they don’t socialise or get ‘prepared for the real world’.

The reality is that you can take your homeschooling on the go, going right into the real world and socialising in an organic way with real people of all ages.

And for many children it’s actually a much easier and more productive way of learning, taking in information from real life places and experiences rather than a textbook!

Do you homeschool your child? Would you ever consider it?





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