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Benefits of Travelling as a Family

People always think travelling with their family is impossible for them (especially when they have young toddlers or babies!)

But we are here to tell you it is absolutely possible and of such a benefit for you and your children!

Instagram has taken ‘Travelling’ as a term that means luxurious far away vacations at exotic locations with expensive activities. However the actual definition of ‘Travelling’ is ‘the action or activity of going from one place to another’!

This means simply that travelling with you children can be cheap, easy and close to home OR it can be flying away for a once in a lifetime trip!

One of our favourite ways to travel with our toddler is to spend every Sunday exploring a new place within our own country! Often this is not more than a couple hours drive from our home. And we have had some wonderful adventures just seeing what our own area has to offer, it’s amazing the wonderful places you can find that you never knew existed, right on your doorstep!

Whether that be exploring a local forest, visiting a historic site or museum, or finding a new cultural restaurant! You can have amazing fun with your children on a simple day trip to these places and still gain all the benefits!

Saying that, we do love a full vacation away either in the UK or somewhere abroad and sunny… and yes it is possible with a baby or toddler! Keep an eye on our Instagram where we show you just how to make travel with your little ones easy and smooth!

Wherever you choose to go as a family, there are a whole host of benefits that you will all receive by spending this time together:

Learning through Experience

The best way that your children (and you!) can learn is through fully involving yourself and gaining knowledge through actual experience. Reading about a castle, or temple, or mountain range is great… but experiencing it in the flesh is a whole different level! Being able to show your children the things they have read about in person, helps the information to sink in. And they will be so much more engaged and interested to learn!

Improve Social Awareness

A big part of travelling is the amount of new people you and your children will meet! Children especially usually stay with the same people for most of their daily life, whether that be their parents, grandparents, friends from school or teachers. When they travel however, they are exposed to so many new people that they will need to hold conversation with and be involved with. It’s such a important skill for your children to learn to be able to engage with others, especially people that they don’t know, and this will become a life long skill! Often this also includes people of different ages, nationality’s and cultures than they are used to which helps them to be more inclusive and accepting of other’s differences as they grow.

Try New Adventures

Travelling often comes with many opportunities to try new things. Whether that be new foods, new cultural traditions or even challenging and exciting adventures. This really helps your children to be open to new things and will help them be more encouraged to try them without being frightened or nervous. The more new things your children are exposed to when travelling, the easier they will adapt when new things come their way in the daily life such as a new sibling, a big move with a new school or even something simple like a new type of food on their plate!

Learn About Different Cultures

Cultural differences are beautiful. It’s important that we raise our children to think so to. It’s a fine line between acceptance and wanting us all to be the same. Travelling helps us to show our children that our differences between cultures are wonderful and that they should be celebrated. It gives them knowledge about different people and their traditions and encourages them to be proud of their own culture too!

Family Bonding

Travelling as a family is great for bonding whether that be one day, 2 weeks or a full year away. The time spent together is so important, and you will create so many wonderful memories just by being together. People often don’t believe us when we say that travelling with your child is so much easier than being at home with them, but I promise you it’s true!! Having the freedom for them to run and explore, whilst having so many new things to keep them interested and holding your attention whilst you spend time together… it’s so much less stressful than trying to keep them occupied at home with toys they’ve become bored of whilst you try to get housework or cooking done! Take the time out to spend good quality time with your children whilst travelling and watch your relationship blossom!

Gain Insight About Yourself

Now this is one for children and adults. Travelling teaches you so much about yourself. It will force you out of your comfort zone and show you how much you are really capable of. It will teach you to trust your intuition and follow your gut. It will teach you to become more flexible and manage difficult situations. It will encourage you to be spontaneous and show you what really makes you tick, what gets you up in the morning and what keeps you excited! It will show you what is really important to you. And most of all it will teach you to love yourself, your partner, your kids and the wider world and people around you.

I hope this blog has encouraged you to book that trip you’ve been dreaming of or schedule a day off to explore the local area with your children.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you are so excited to start travelling with your children to reap all these amazing benefits and have some wonderful experiences along the way.

Comment below with where you are planning to travel with your children!



Jul 24, 2023

Really inspiring! We are currently planning to go abroad with our toddler but trying to work out the logistics of going on a plane!!!😏


Jul 24, 2023

We are planning a little trip to the forest not far from us, going to take our little one on his bike!

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